Regina Szuszkiewicz & Agnieszka Korybska

Making Grammar Engaging

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teachers of adolescent learners, Teachers of adult learners, Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers, Business English Teachers


Games can be a great way to practice grammar in an engaging way. This will enable students to become more confident and effective in their future conversations. We are going to play three REGIPIO grammar games: Passive Passionate, Reported Speech Champion, and Chain Stories. The discussion following the game tryouts will be focused on generating new ideas for the game cards and how incorporating game-based activities into language learning can lead to more motivated and effective language learners.


Regina Szuszkiewicz, MA in English Philology, a passionate English teacher and language games developer. She has built a recognizable brand REGIPIO language games. She has always emphasized that games may enhance language acquisition if they are appropriately used. She runs workshops for English teachers on how to use games in the classroom.
Regina has contributed to the ESL area by presenting at national and international conferences.

Agnieszka Korybska, teacher of English. Young learners teaching enthusiast. Creative and involved. Developed her teaching skills in language schools in Poland and Spain as well as in a bilingual kindergarten in Poland. Completed simultaneous interpretation training course (PL<->EN).
DELE C1 certificate holder still working on improving her Spanish. REGIPIO games lover and co-worker.
Conference speaker at a conference for teachers—Zafascynowani talentami. Skuteczne wspieranie rozwoju dzieci zdolnych (Lublin, Apr 2019) and at a conference for teachers of Spanish--EXPERTOS ELE (Gdynia, Dec 2022)