Rob Howard: IMAG(out): Rethinking the Image on the Screen

Presentation focus

We all know that using imagery in the classroom is an effective tool towards learner engagement and production. Most of us use images daily to elicit production. The question is: are we using and presenting the image properly? Most teachers have been overloading the screen for years and not only are we not achieving the objective, we may actually be hindering the outcome that we are seeking.

This talk will show simple and more effective methods for using images in the classroom by rethinking how we are producing our classroom materials.

It will also touch quickly on the follow-up talk on the overuse of long videos which can be presented via the BELTA webinar in September.


Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center. He is a teacher and writer for EFL and a consultant and speaker regarding online retention, using technology in and out of the classroom and the importance of the proper usage of images and film for learning. He is the founder of EFLtalks, building an online worldwide PLN+ for teachers, nominated for the 2016 British Council's ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.