Schedule 2021

13.30 - 14.00

Meeting is open for networking

14.00 -14.10

Welcome to Belta Day 2021 by BELTA Board

14.10 -15.10


Concrete Pedagogy for Multiple Futures​

15.10-15.20 Practicalities
15.20 -16.00

Jędrek Stępień

Unlocking the potential of conversations

Frederik Cornillie and Joeri Van der Veken

Interactive fanfiction:
innovating creative writing in the communicative classroom

Chris Walklett

Exploring language and themes
through songs and song lyrics

Elise Cool

Proficiency Through
Reading and Storytelling


Anna Varna

Learning with Art

Annelene Timmermans

It's Media Lit

Catherine Avery and
Jean-Luc Delghust

Using English Outside of Class:
The English Bucket List
16.50-17.10 MEME Competition: Voting and Prizes
17.10-17.30 RAFFLE