Swap Shop

Get ready to swap ideas and insights at BELTA's Swap Shop!

Every BELTA Day, we aim at introducing something new to enrich your experience. Whether it's sharing best practices, lively panel discussions or captivating keynotes, we are always exploring new ways to inspire and connect.

This year, we are thrilled to introduce BELTA Swap Shop!

Have you uncovered a gem of knowledge during BELTA Day? Do you have a teaching technique or activity that has been a hit
in your classroom? Or perhaps you are eager to delve deeper into one of this year's key topics alongside your peers and speakers?

Choose your Swap Shop adventure! In small, interactive groups, reflect on the highlights of today's sessions. Engage in discussions, swap teaching strategies, and explore common interests with fellow educators.

Here are the four exciting topics to choose from:

- Artificial Intelligence
- Speaking, Drama and Music
- Classroom and Group Dynamics
- Intercultural Communication

We can't wait to see you in one of our Swap Shop rooms, where collaboration and creativity take centre stage!