Sylvia Dolakova: Pronunciation with children (and other learners too)

Presentation focus

Learners can speak English very well, however, if they are not able to pronounce properly, their English is “insufficient“ and makes communication difficult. How can we teach pronunciation to (very) young learners and what to choose to practise? Let’s just let them play and gain!

The workshop will show various techniques that work for little kids as well as for older learners. Pronunciation exercises and activities such as Running sound dictation, Phonicolours, Chinese whisper, dominoes, card games, Sound shopping and Sound hunt are just a few among the activities that help children master unusual sounds of English pretty well.

Why have you chosen this topic for your presentation?

Bad pronunciation techniques can spoil the impression of the best English speech. Moreover, it's we, teachers of English, who are responsible for transferring it to our learners.

What do you hope participants will take away from your presentation?

My workshops are usually full of practical ideas. I want participants to be able to try some of them on the day they return to their schools.


Sylvie Doláková, MA, both university and freelance teacher trainerTeacher trainer focusing on teaching English to children aged 4 – 12. She specialises in teaching English through music, art and stories; has published a few language game books and CDs for children. She regularly leads webinars in the national educational platform in the Czech Republic, presents at international conferences (including TEA Austria).