Talbot House

Explore British culture on your very doorstep! Leave your international passport in the drawer and meet us at the Every Man’s Club in Poperinge. Founded in 1915 as an oasis of peace for the Tommies, today it very much remains a British home in Flanders Fields. The House is run by voluntary wardens from across the Commonwealth who are always available for a chinwag and a genuine cup of British/English tea.

Make your day a perfect British Day. Start your day by having a typical English Breakfast! Select your preferred workshops from our extensive offer, covering the four skills at various educational levels. Our British guides, our drama teacher and available English teachers have extensive experience in their specific fields of expertise. Although visiting teachers will be involved in all the activities with their classes, no extra preparation is required. We offer complete ready-made educational packages. All of this with an extra whiff of Britishness thrown in.