Tetiana Shyyan

Tetiana Shyyan

Sundays with BELTA Webinar Series 2018-2019

Mind the Gap

Tetiana Shyyan

30 September 2018


Involving students in meaningful speaking activities in a classroom can be quite a challenge for EFL teachers. It is only when students have a genuine reason and motivation to talk, that they learn to use the language more effectively. Information gap activities address this problem by creating situations that require students to communicate with each other to solve the problem. In these activities, students do not have all the information needed to complete a task, so there is a “gap” which can only be bridged when speaking with other students by exchanging information. This webinar looks at many forms information gaps can take and explores some of the information gap activities that teachers can implement in various classrooms.

Tetiana's Bio:

Tetiana Shyyan is an English language teacher with 16 years of professional experience. She has been teaching ESP and Business English to University students in Ukraine. She is a TESOL Ukraine presenter (2016), an Access Microscholarship Program teacher, and an E-Teacher Program alumna. The main areas of her research interest are cross-cultural communication, blended learning and academic integrity.