Tom Vandevelde & Anneke Salden

Small games, big gains

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners,Teachers of adolescent learners, Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


Small changes can make a big difference. In this session, we cover a number of playful techniques and routines that will further enliven and improve your teaching practice without taking up too much time. From effective starters and playful yet effective examples of retrieval practice to techniques to wrap up your lesson and other ways to make the most of your teaching time, we will cover a variety of ideas for exciting routines to build into your lessons that will help to activate your students time and time again. Each of the techniques presented is tied in with basic principles of effective teaching, as outlined by The Great Teaching Toolkit (Coe et al., 2020). At the end of the session, participants will receive a useful overview of each of the practices discussed.


Tom Vandevelde holds a PhD in literary studies as well as a teacher's degree. Following a six year stint teaching English and literary theory at KU Leuven, he is now the head of didactics at Roeland vzw, a non-profit organisation that organises language camps for children.

Anneke Salden is a secondary school teacher of English and a volunteer for Roeland vzw. The two of them share a passion for language and board games.