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Writing Style & Guidelines: Articles

BELTA Bulletin Article Writing Style & Guidelines

General requirements

  1. Submit your article via the online form which is linked on this page.
  2. Write your article double-spaced, in Arial 11, or Times New Roman 12
  3. Number each page clearly
  4. Start your article with a title, and make sure it has an introduction, main body, and conclusion
  5. Divide your main body into paragraphs and/or sections – you may assign a heading/subheading to each section for clarity matters (maximum three levels of headings/subheadings is allowed)
  6. Choose your subject matter wisely and make it applicable, hands-on and teacher-oriented


  1. Your article should contain between 500 to 1000 words.
  2. Your article should include no more than 5 references.

Illustrations, pictures, photos

Please only use original pictures or pictures from at a Creative Commons site. Remember pictures used from a Creative Commons site need a citation in the list of references.

Before submitting any illustrations, please save them using the following convention: lastnumber_number.jpg (Please only original size jpegs.)

Indicate in your article text where the illustration should be placed. Please limit yourself to only 3 illustrations. (PLEASE NOTE: You may be contacted regarding the illustrations if not enough space is available in the Bulletin for all your illustrations; at that point, we will ask you to choose the most relevant one(s). )

Each individual illustration must be submitted along with the article via the online form. If not pictures are sent, BELTA will not include any illustrations with your article.


Use only APA style.

List your references at the end of your text under the heading, REFERENCES.

Short bio and a photo

Write a short biography about yourself (30-40 words): education, work, experience, etc. Include this at the end of your article.

Attach a headshot of yourself (All photos must be in the original size and include only from shoulders up.)

The headshot is included in the online form.

Style Points to Consider

Keep your writing clear, concise, and organized.

Remember that your audience is experienced and novice teachers, so please define any terms that you think might be unknown to your audience.

Legal matters

Do not submit your article to two or more places at the same time.

Provide the first publication source if submitting an article which has already been published elsewhere.

Stick to facts, quote your sources, and provide credible information.

In case of any doubts or clarifications do not hesitate to contact the BULLETIN Editor.

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