BELTA Day 2019 (new)

BELTA Day 2019

11 May 2019

The 7th Edition

This is our 7th BELTA Day! We are very excited that you continue to attend, present, and share at this unique experience.

Plenary Speaker

We are pleased to announce that Eowyn Crisfield will be this year’s plenary speaker. To learn more about Eowyn and her work, take a look at her website.


The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Language Learning: Focusing on Success’.The theme focuses on achieving and evaluating success from various points of view: measuring student success, teacher success, and programme success; additionally, it encompasses success stories: activities/projects that achieved a higher than expected level of success and general success stories in the classroom. Topics related to success include assessment (including how to make use of the existing CEFR and the new CEFR documents, feedback (including feed forward and feed up, language tasks, formative assessment, summative assessment, alternatives to testing, peer assessment, and more) and classroom success stories (activities that worked in the classroom, authentic materials that allowed for student success), just about anything that makes the students and/or teacher feel good about what’s happening.

This year we are designating one room throughout the day dedicated to the conference theme. All the talks/workshops in this room will be related to the conference theme.

Talks/workshops are not limited to the conference theme. There will be some talks/workshops related to other areas of interest to English teachers.

Sharing Success! (new)

Share your success stories with the BELTA community! What tools, activities or ideas do you find have worked well/successfully with your students? At every conference, you listen to other experts, but now we want to hear about your expertise and experiences!

For the first time, BELTA presents the ‘Sharing Success Speed Swapshop’ at our annual BELTA Day. Anyone attending the conference is encouraged to bring their favorite success stories and accompanying materials and to share them at a scheduled moment during our speed swapshop. Each participant gets a maximum of 6 minutes to share an idea, exercise, activity that has worked particularly well for them and that they would like to share with their fellow attendees.

Now, don't fret! The ‘Sharing Success Speed Swapshop’ will take place in very non-threatening seminar rooms in front of a very non-scary audience who will be grateful for your contribution. It will be an informal, fast-paced and high-energy experience - keep it hands-on and simple!

How to participate? When registering for BELTA Day, you merely check which subject you are interested in and whether or not you want to contribute your own success stories. On BELTA Day itself, bring everything you need to share your story, we will take care of the rest.

We look forward to listening to your successes!


Successful assessment
Successful grammar teaching
Successful vocabulary activities
Successful reading/listening practices
Successful pronunciation exercises
Successful speaking/writing activities

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is now open! Please go to the Call for Proposals page to review the guidelines and send your proposal to us for peer review.

Important dates

15 September 2018: Call for Proposals opens

30 December 2018: Call for Proposals closes

15 February 2019: Publication of BELTA Day schedule / Registration Opens

5 May 2019: Registration closes

11 May 2019: BELTA Day


This year, we are returning to our new venue in the heart of our beautiful capital, Brussels: Erasmushogeschool, Campus Bloemenhof. On the ‘Practical Information’ page you can read more about getting to the venue.

Practical Information

On the ‘Practical Information' page, you will find all the information you need to make your trip to BELTA Day 2019 enjoyable. On this page, you will find information about:

  • The venue, including location and directions;
  • The day, including the general structure of the day;
  • Information regarding registration.

If you plan to spend time in Brussels, which is always a viable option, we offer a list of reasonably-priced hotels in the area.

Please note that this page is updated regularly leading up to BELTA Day 2019! Check back often.


If you have additional questions about BELTA Day 2019, please send an email to