Gabriella Benkő & Daphne Chisholm-Elie

Making Learning Stick with Agile Teaching

Audience focus: Teachers of adult learners, Business English teachers, Teacher trainers, Freelance teachers


This workshop shows you how an iterative teaching process inspired by agile project management leads to effective learning. It provides structure and flexibility and continuously adapts to learners’ needs, contexts and goals. The process is brought alive by team collaboration, co-creation and collective intelligence. The team monitors the learning process by defining indicators and observing the visible evidence of learning. This process is strengthened by useful insights from applied neuroscience.


Gabriella Benkő, certified coach, MBA, is passionate about human development, communication skills and bridging differences. Applied neuroscience is interwoven into her practice to speed up the human side of change. She brings over 25 years’ international experience in business​,​ training,​ and coaching to her work.

Daphne Chisholm-Elie has spent her career in France in adult education, as teacher, trainer, pedagogical advisor, manager, founding and directing a language centre for business professionals in 2003. She now uses her experience and her passion for adult learning to advise and design professional development for teachers.