Poetry Competition Winners

05/05/2023 - 22:52

On BELTA Day 2023, the winners of the Poetry Competition were announced. Congratulations to the winners and their teachers!

Poetry Competition WinnersPoetry Competition WinnersPoetry Competition WinnersPoetry Competition WinnersPoetry Competition WinnersPoetry Competition Winners

After the success of last year’s memes competition we wanted another dashing competition getting as many teachers as possible involved. We really wanted them to have a reason to kindle the creativity of their students and launched our Poetry Competition.
Realising it is not always easy to squeeze in something extra we proposed three different, very structured kinds of poems: an acrostic, an elevenie and a haiku. We also wanted the poems to concentrate on language learning, therefore we suggested 22 words to choose three from to use in the poem. Of course we also hoped the poets would take BELTA’s anniversary into account.

Especially the acrostic proved to be very popular. Amèlie Laduron, Anneke Salden’s student, won the Belgian competition with the acrostic Diversity. She and her class from Pyxis Lanaken will soon be part of a Hello Drama
workshop donated by Abbie Moore!

The very young students of Katleen van Crombrugge also basically wrote acrostics. These students of the St. John's International School in Waterloo are also rewarded a workshop by Hello Drama.

Fenna van der Zwaag also wrote an acrostic entitled Fairytale. And with this poem she made sure her class taught by Berber Hofkamp at the Singelland Gorredijk in the Netherlands secured the prize for the teacher located outside Belgium. They got a fabulous National Geographic Learning package delivered by Doris Ramos.
We want to thank our sponsors Hello Drama and National Geographic Learning and we are convinced that the winners will enjoy their prizes.