Poetry Competition

Spark the creative spirits in your students!

As part of the tenth BELTA Day on 22 April 2023, BELTA is challenging your students’ creativity: take part in our competition with their poems! They have to write a haiku, an elevenie or an acrostic using any three of the following words:

BELTA, inclusion, diversity, anniversary, English, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, language, phrases, sentences, communication, ELT, coursebooks, reading, writing, comprehension, fluent, American, dialect, speaker, joy.

Not only can they achieve (inter)national fame, but in addition they can win one of the tailored workshops from Hello Drama (for Belgian students) or a great National Geographic Learning package tailored to the needs of the class (for students from abroad).
So, what keeps you from making your students write haikus (Haiku Poems: How to Write a Haiku | Writers.com), elevenie poems (The ‘Elevenie’ Poem) or acrostics (Acrostic Poem Examples & Template)?

Who can participate?

Teachers in Belgian schools and their classes and teachers and classes located abroad.

What do you have to do?

Ask your class to write a haiku, an elevenie or an acrostic using any 3 of the 22 given words.
Entering with different classes is possible.
However, you can only enter a maximum of 3 poems per class. You can only hand in one poem per category.
In order to win, the class teacher has to register for and be present at BELTA Day.

What should you do with your students’ creations?

Submit your students’ creation by clicking on the red button on the right or at the bottom of this page before 10 April.
You will have to fill in your name, the full name of your participating class and your school and your contact email address..
And of course you will have to upload the poems. You will have to upload them as pdf files.
Submit a separate form for each class you want to participate with.

What will happen next?

The Board and sponsors will select the two most original (not copied from the Internet) poems that follow the requirements. There will be a prize for a lower and a higher level class.
Please make sure you register for BELTA Day. Only poems sent in by teachers who register for BELTA Day will be accepted for the competition..

Why, you wonder, would you do this?

Well, it’s a real competition and you can win a fabulous workshop with Hello Drama or a great National Geographic Learning package for your class. Besides, isn't it nice to create something together as a class and to compete with other students from different schools? On top of all this we use the language we love.
Remember, only teachers present during the BELTA Day on 22 April can win prizes for their classes..

If you have any more questions, please mail to beltacompetition@gmail.com