Sylvie Doláková & Ilona Ŝostroneková

Story-based CLIL for Very Young Learners

Audience focus: Teachers of young learners, Teacher Trainers


Stories are considered a traditional treasure of each culture. A simple story can cater for all areas of children’s early learning. Children are immersed in the topic of the story in every action they do and so they do not need long introductory activities and motivation at the beginning of each lesson. In every activity they can absorb and compare global perspective of different cultural backgrounds.
Stories offer a large platform of activities that help children to understand, use the phrases from and re-tell their contents. The topic of the story is a platform for a wide scale of games, cards, worksheets and ideas for language development, Maths, Science, Music, Art and movement, and their interconnection guarantees exquisite achievement in little learners.
The story activities were tested in many schools with a very positive feedback from the teachers and reported to be significantly time-saving, powerful and accepted by the children with joy.


Sylvie is a teacher trainer focusing on teaching English to children (4 – 15), with many years of experience, specialising in teaching English through art and stories, publishing books and story-based sets for children. She presents at webinars and conferences all around the world; she has also worked as an ELT consultant in many countries (UK, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria, Tunisia,).

Born in Czechoslovakia, currently living in the Netherlands, and with more than 24 years gained experience in the field of education, Ilona Sostronek has guided many different individuals, groups, students with SEN, from children to adults, beginners to advanced. However, within the last 7+ years, tailoring the courses for the YL has been her devotion. Stories are the salt of our professional lives.

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