Plenary Speaker Silvana Richardson

Collaborative approaches to learn and innovate together


After two exhausting years of relentless uncertainty, challenge and change, we can now focus on our own learning in a less reactive way, plan forward and make evidence-informed decisions, so that the time and effort we invest in professional development activities lead to better learning for us and our learners.
In this plenary we will explore teacher learning activities that involve structured and evidence-rich collaboration with peers, and which, according to the best available evidence, are a strong component of effective continuing professional development, as they lead to context relevant, transferable and impactful professional learning.


Silvana Richardson is Head of Education at Bell UK, Academic Director at Bell Teacher Academy, Cambridge, England, and Strategic Education Adviser at The Bell Foundation. She has worked in the field of English Language Teaching for 35 years as teacher, academic manager, teacher educator, inspector and consultant.
She has trained EFL, MFL, ESOL, EAL, CLIL and subject teachers, teacher trainers and school leaders in the state and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. She was Director of the Bell Delta Online, has written online materials for teachers, and is a speaker in international conferences.
Silvana has co-written two Cambridge papers in ELT with Scott Thornbury and Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, and is the author of a forthcoming book on Professional Development for Cambridge University Press.